Keeping Your Network Secure

Business network security is more important today than ever before. We demand that our data and information systems are secure, reliable, and protected 24/7/365. And in many instances, so do the regulatory bodies that govern our businesses. That’s why companies in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Destin, Ft. Walton & surrounding areas come to rely on the exceptional network security services that Flux Labs provides to its customers.

Like we do for countless other companies, we’ll work closely with you to assess the current state of security of your network and provide recommendations on how to keep your company’s most important data and assets thoroughly protected from external threats. And if needed, we’ll help you comply with state, federal or other regulatory body network security regulations.

An example of just a few of the network security services we offer:

Network Vulnerability Assessments

Flux Labs will complete a thorough internal and external audit of your current business network to assess the condition of your network and the security measures already in place. We will then provide a comprehensive vulnerability recommendation plan for you to consider, and work with your team to execute that plan.

Firewalls and Access Management

Our certified network engineers are expert at deploying and configuring network devices that provide maximum security for your business. And while we strongly recommend CISCO devices, we’ll work with you to ensure whatever solution you go with meets the necessary security requirements you demand.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

It only takes losing your data once to realize how critical it is to have reliable backups both on and offsite. Just ask the folks in the Northeast who suffered devastating losses from Sandy. We recommend both on- and offsite solutions so the onsite portion can provide immediate remediation for lost files, data corruption or a failed server, while the offsite component ensures that should your location suffer from a disaster (tornado, flood, fire, etc) you’ll not only have all your critical data, but be able to get your business back online almost immediately. Let us help ensure your business is adequately protected with a reliable and cost effective backup and disaster recovery solution.

Anti-Virus / Spyware Protection

Flux Labs implements proactive protection for your network that shields your system from viruses, spyware, malware, trojans and other damaging threats. We only use top-of-the-line protection solutions that are affordable to small businesses. Regardless of whether you prefer onsite protection services or a cloud-based solution, we ensure your network and employees have the level of protection they need to keep your business running safely and securely.

E-mail Security, Archiving and Encryption

Using best-in-class email protection products, Flux Labs ensures you and your systems are protected from malicious and potentially crippling email threats. And if your business is required to store email communications for a certain period of time or you require email communications to be encrypted, we have the turn-key, affordable solution for need.

Web Content Filtering

In order to mitigate lost productivity from employees, and potential destruction from malware, we will implement a solution that monitors and manages internet access within your company. Ensuring that employees cannot access inappropriate websites and that the web content your employees access adheres to your internet and security policies can save you from significant potential legal costs as well as malicious threats to your systems and data.

To discuss how Flux Labs’s Network Security Services can protect your business, contact us today.