Network Design and Support

We specialize in the design, management and support of networks and computer systems for businesses in Panama City, Panama City Beach, Destin, Ft. Walton & surrounding areas. Here’s a sampling of just some of the network services we provide:

24/7 Monitoring

Our primary job as IT consultants is to keep your systems up and running. But as we all know, technological systems are not perfect and they do fail. Being able to identify a failure, or better yet, to identify symptoms of a likely failure and address the situation before it becomes a problem, is a key reason why Flux Labs’s 24/7 monitoring platform is the most popular service used by our clients.

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Network Design Services

Most business networks aren’t planned, they typically just evolve organically as the company grows. At some point however, the organic growth of the network usually becomes a roadblock to company growth and scalability. Flux Labs is expert at evaluating current network setups and recommending designs that remove that roadblock. We do this by assessing and getting the most out of the existing network design, leveraging new technology, and creating an integration plan that marries the two so your technology can scale in line with your business growth.

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Network Security

Network security has never been more crucial that it is in today’s business world. If you’re like most companies, you rely heavily on your business systems and know how important it is to keep your business assets secure from outside threats. We’ll help you assess your current level of network security and work with you to put the right safeguards in place and, when necessary, help you meet today’s state and federalsecurity and compliance requirements.

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On-site Server Support

The proper spec’ing, deployment and support of business servers are all critical parts of  building and maintaining a stable and productive network environment. Getting it right ensures peak performance and reduced support costs. Getting it wrong means incessant, never ending problems and outrageous support bills. When you choose Flux Labs for your on-site server support we’ll put our hundreds of years of combined, industry leading experience dealing with servers, both physical and virtual, to work for you so things get done right the first time.

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